Thermal Processing

  • Process Authority

  • Temperature Distribution Trials

  • Heat Penetrations Trials

  • Retort validation

  • UHT validation

  • Microbiology Challenge Testing

Food Processing Specialists validates thermal processes for retorts, continuous hot fill and aseptic systems and regularly conducts retort validation and process evaluation trials in a range of retorts using the latest thermal validation equipment.

Food Processing Specialists is a recognised process authority in Australia, New Zealand and US FDA for filing of thermal processes.

Food Processing Specialists is highly regarded for trouble shooting and resolving problematic and difficult retorting and processing applications.

Food Processing Specialists act as an independent third party to ensure all installations of new retorts and continuous processing lines meet, or exceed the minimum recognised standards for thermal processing schedules and heat treatment regimes.

We also undertake continuous improvement programs for many of our clients, which involve regular visits to assess and benchmark the operation of their heat treatments and retorting operations.

Food Processing Specialists also assist with manufacturing compliance, both pre and post third party auditing.

Food Processing Specialists have access to a specialised Steriflow micro Shaka Retort used in a commercial manufacturing premises. This retort is available to conduct product and process development trials in a range of retorting options. These include:

  • Static mode
  • Simulated rotary mode
  • Rocking mode
  • Shaka mode

All trials are conducted by a qualified thermal processing engineer and backed up with technical know-how from many years of “hands on” factory experience,