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Food Processing Specialists, now in its 15th year, is a seasoned expert in thermal processing. Our flexibility and commitment define us as a technical consultancy devoted to delivering expertise across various food processing services. Specialising in low acid, acid, and acidified foods and beverages, we’re dedicated to fostering success.

We’re proud partners with food manufacturers globally, spanning Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and Asia. As your trusted advisors, we offer technical support, troubleshooting, and training. Our solutions cater to production, retorting, processing challenges, and engineering designs, whether on an on-demand or project basis.

With specialised R&D skills, we drive innovative product commercialisation and organize bespoke, short-run contract manufacturing in diverse packaging formats. We specialize in shelf-stable and refrigerated heat-processed food and beverages.

Our Process Authority staff boasts qualifications in Bachelor of Science, Food Technology, Engineering, Management, and Business. This equips us to develop, validate, verify, and audit commercial thermal processes for heat-processed packaged goods. We take the lead in process filing applications, advising on industry best practices, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.