Product Development

  • Approved Research Service Provider

  • New Product Development

  • Commercial reality analysis

  • Value adding

  • Shelf life validation

  • Recipe formulations

  • Trials in retorts

  • Commercialisation of product ranges

Unlock Culinary Innovation with Food Processing Specialists

Exciting developments have transformed Food Processing Specialists in the past six months. With the addition of a culinary specialist to our team, we’ve ventured into new culinary territories. Along with beverages, bars, ready meals new product development, we’ve successfully commercialised a cutting-edge line of baby food in pouches. Then in a remarkable collaboration, we’ve joined forces with Little Tin Co to launch a captivating range of Australian seafood in little tin cans.

Your Partner in Culinary and Technical Excellence

With a wealth of experience in food product and process development, Food Processing Specialists stands ready to elevate your next project in our new commercial kitchen located in Brompton. Our expertise extends to conducting trials in retorts for comprehensive evaluation. From ten units to 10,000, our trial capacity adapts to your project’s requirements. Skilled thermal processing engineers orchestrate each trial, their knowledge refined over years of hands-on experience. As an approved Research Service Provider, our registration number is RSP119462 innovation and true cutting edge projects that think outside the box is what really excites our team.

Specialising in Your Culinary Vision

We specialise in low acid, acid, and acidified foods, catering to a vast array of packaging formats such as pouches, trays, cans, and jars. The scope of our product development services is broad, encompassing everything from shelf-stable baby food to meat and seafood products. At Food Processing Specialists new commercial kitchen, we’re dedicated to turning your culinary ideas into reality.

Enhancing Shelf Life, Elevating Quality

Our expertise extends beyond the initial stages. We offer extended shelf life solutions for refrigerated products through targeted heat treatments, hurdle technology, and applied microbiology. Our focus on minimally processed foods showcases our commitment to innovation and quality.

Comprehensive Solutions, End-to-End

From sourcing raw ingredients to packaging, nutritional panels, HACCP systems, product servicing, sourcing contract manufacturers and brand management we’re here to champion your brand’s needs. Let Food Processing Specialists be your comprehensive partner in bringing your culinary vision to life.

Discover the possibilities. Contact us today to embark on a culinary journey that transcends boundaries.