Product Development

  • Approved Research Service Provider

  • New Product Development

  • Commercial reality analysis

  • Value adding

  • Shelf life validation

  • Recipe formulations

  • Trials in retorts

  • Commercialisation of product ranges

tradeshowFood Processing Specialists has years of experience in food product and process development and can assist in your next project with the ability to conduct trials in a retort for evaluation. We are able to produce anywhere between ten and 10,000 units, depending on the trial requirements. All trials are conducted by qualified thermal processing engineers and backed up with technical expertise gained from years of hands-on experience. We are an approved Research Service Provider our registration number is RSP119462.

We specialise in low acid, acid and acidified foods and we work with all packaging formats, such as pouches, trays, cans, jars and many others. Food Processing Specialists’ product development services cover a huge range of products, from shelf-stable baby food to shelf-stable meat and seafood products – we can help make your idea a reality.

We are also able to provide extended shelf life to refrigerated products using specific heat treatments, hurdle technology and applied microbiology and specialise in minimally processed foods.

We look after the brand owner’s requirements from sourcing the raw ingredients, to packaging, nutritional panels, HACCP systems and servicing the product. Please contact us to find out more.