Data loggers

Data Collection System for Heat Penetration and Temperature Distribution Tests:

Food Processing Specialists is the agent for data collection products in Australia and New Zealand. This data collection system is used to conduct Temperature Distribution and Heat Penetration testing. It is a vital testing procedure which is embraced globally by food processing companies, regulatory agencies, universities, and trade associations. The system includes two components:


Specifically for the canned foods industry:

  1. Collect Heat Penetration data
  2. Collect Temperature Distribution data
  3. Evaluate HP data and set a process
  4. Evaluate TD data and set a Vent Schedule or Come Up Time
  5. Evaluate Process Deviations


Designed for performing heat penetration and temperature distribution tests for canned foods in retort sterilisers. 32 channels of data inputs and uses a USB cable for power so no external power supply or battery is needed. The data logger can withstand harsh environments such as food production plants. The software is required to communicate with the data logger during data collection.

There are two versions of  data loggers available:

  1. Standard : compact, portable datalogger for use in testing static retorts. Designed so that a laptop computer can sit on top of the data logger for data collection.
  2. Rotarty CALPlex : can be installed directly on the back of a rotary retort, attached to the packing gland and actually replacing the thermocouple slipring. This enables outstanding quality data transmission by eliminating a major source of noise.