Contract Manufacturing

  • Thermoform Packs

  • Pouches

  • Trays

  • Bowls

Food Processing Specialists has the capabilities to organise contract manufacturing for brand owners from short runs to larger runs, we specialise in extended shelf life chilled and shelf stable.

We have experience with fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, sauces, soups, baby food, alternate protein sources and ready meals.

We have commercialised numerous products in a range of packaging formats over the last 15 years.

Food Processing Specialists has access to a variety of packaging including trays, microwaveable bowls, pouches, pillow pouches, thermoform packs, cans and bottles.

We are a recognised Process Authority in Australia, New Zealand and US FDA. Our work is recognised by all third party auditors. We have SQF registration and Seafood Export registration.