Packaging Solutions

  • Stand Up/ Doy pouch
  • 3-side seal/ Pillow pouch
  • Spouted pouch
  • Roll Stock
  • Lidding film
  • Flat bottom spout
  • Quad pouch
  • Bag-in-box
  • Design your own

Making your product stand out on the shelf matters.

At FPS we are committed to assisting in bringing your packaging concepts into reality, without compromising quality and food safety as a priority.

With fluid knowledge in packaging compatibility against product functionality and process, we cover a vast range of products with shelf-stable, chilled and frozen storage conditions.

A huge portfolio in flexible packaging (not restricted to), with value added options such as printed finish, spouted, laser scoring, tear notch, resealable zips and more to choose from.

Our expertise extends to rigid packaging such as glass jars and meal trays as well.

If you are not sure where to start, have a chat with us to get you started.

Our extensive expertise will not disappoint.