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Food Processing Specialists offers specific training to those who work in the food processing industry. Mike Moffat and Andrew Scholz both hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment along with many years’ experience on the factory floor and in training. Mike and Andrew are suitably qualified to deliver courses such as the Retort Supervisors and Process Control School, GMP training and Aseptic Processing courses.

Conducted at our new facility in Adelaide and in Auckland, New Zealand, the Retort Supervisors and Process Control School is specifically designed as a “hands on” practical course for retort operators and supervisors. Alternatively it can be designed to be run at your work site where it can be tailored to meet your specific thermal processing infrastructure. Whilst face-to-face training is always better, in the wake of Covid-19 the course can now also be delivered remotely via the Zoom platform.

Based on a globally recognised standard, we have designed a NZ Retort Supervisors and Process Control School which has approval from the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries and an Australian version that meets Australian training standards. The modules covered in the training are designed to meet the requirements of several Australian units of competency which will assist students in attaining a Certificate II in Food Processing.

Food Processing Specialists can also offer bespoke training at your site in the areas of thermal processing, aseptic processing, GMP and food packaging. Please contact either Mike or Andrew to discuss your specific training requirements.

Sample of past student comments with their permission, the question asked was “Would you recommend this course to others, if so why?”

“You offer an outstanding product that combines the relevant theory with the core practical responsibilities that occur on the floor.” Dean, Operations Director, December 2020.

“Yes. The course contained in-depth knowledge to understand critical things in the food manufacturing process. The trainer has a unique way of delivering and explaining topics which keeps the audience engaged. Kept our interest through examples and asking questions during the course. I have really enjoyed the course and have learnt new things which are critical for food processing areas.” Prabh, April 2019.

“Yes. Very informative. It gave me knowledge on a few things I’d previously only had limited knowledge about and it cleared up a lot of things on food safety.” Jayden, November 2018.

“Helps in the basic understanding of retort thermal processes to ensure food safety. Essential for key personnel involved in operations.” Tyler, November 2018.


“Yes. Highly enjoyable course. The instructor was interactive and seemed to enjoy teaching. He didn’t just read a bunch of facts to you and leave it at that. The practicals were great. Being able to apply the diagrams to our actual equipment was very helpful.” Mikaela, November 2018.

“Yes. It’s very informative to help others like myself to understand; not only the retort side of things but all the components and areas involved in producing and processing food products in the workplace.” Chelsy, March 2018.

“Yes. The course is flexible enough to meet individual needs but is also comprehensive.” Peter, November 2017.

“Professionally presented course by trainers with real world experience. Took away several ideas that can be applied in my workplace.” John, May 2017.

“Strong background information on the whole process and easy to understand. Would like more of our staff to do it.” Victoria, May 2017.

“The level of detail and accuracy of the information and content of the training. Experienced trainers that can explain the requirements, give examples and present images/photos to aid in the examples given.” Jessika, May 2017.

“Yes. Good presentation by Andrew and Mike, would go back over parts time and time again for people that did not understand.” Stephen, March 2014

“Yes. I now have a better understanding, which is why I would recommend this course and now will be able to pass on my knowledge to others. Thanks Andrew and Mike.” Caroline, March 2014

“Yes. Very good presenters, a lot was learnt and refreshed and a lot can be applied.” Samuel, March 2014.