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About Us

Andrew Scholz

Andrew Scholz

Director - Thermal Process Specialist

Andrew has over 30 years of knowledge in the Food Industry and has extensive understanding of the food manufacturing industry. He has worked as a consultant for over 15 years in a broad range of sites – nationally and internationally. Andrew is a professional member of AIFST and IFTPS (Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists). Andrew assists clients and provides quality solutions using the following skills:

  • A proven track record of high concern for quality – doing things right
  • A high level of analytical thinking and problem solving skills – an established record of delivering results to a broad client base
  • Highly regarded as a third party auditor and advisor to sign-off on new installations and commissioning projects
  • An exceptional ability to assess and manage priorities to ensure timely delivery of outcomes
Mike Moffat

Mike Moffat

QA and Technical Specialist

Mike has over 30 years experience in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry with 20 of those in the food manufacturing industry as a front line manager for a number of blue chip multi-national companies both nationally and internationally. A skilled auditor with a Bachelor of Science and Graduate Certificate in Management, Mike can offer clients:

  • Food safety and quality management systems and auditing
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving
  • Risk assessment
Troy Chilvers

Troy Chilvers

Business Development Manager

Troy has an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. Troy commenced his career with McDonald and progressed to the Operation and Business Development Manager overseeing four stores in charge of training and recruitment. He later joined Slo Moes and oversaw the launch of Slo Moes into retail. Troy has the following skills:

  • A passion for Food
  • Understands the industry, business trends to identify new markets
  • His strength is establishing a rapport and building strong relationships with clients
  • Negotiates, prepare and secure contracts
  • Highly polished communication skills
  • Entrepeneurially spirited, goal determined and business orientated

Troy’s skills and ability to listen carefully enable him to support and engage fully with clients and assist in achieving their goals.

Shane Jaensch

Shane Jaensch

Process Engineering Specialist

Shane has 30 years experience in developing and engineering food processing and water treatment systems. Sourcing products including machinery and equipment. Fabrication, installation, upgrade and maintenance of Food Processing Machinery and water treatment systems. Shane has a Builders Licence, Workers Registration Plumbing, Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances, Certificate 2 in Plant Support Operations, Licence to Perform High Risk Work, Elevated Work Platform, Boiler Operator Certificate, Aseptic Processing and Packaging Certificate, Tag and Test and SA White Card.

Julie Scholz

Julie Scholz

Administration Manager

Julie has over 30 years working in all areas of management from planning quality improvement programs to supervising and training team members. Julie is highly proficient in accounting, organizing, planning and communication with a wide range of people. Julie worked as a Clinical Nurse Manager, Senior Community Health Manager, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Senior Citizen Manager; she specialises in providing nutritional information. For the past 15 years she has worked as an Administration Manager.

Mae Wong

Mae Wong

Food and Packaging Technologist

Mae has 10 years working in the food industry, spending most of her years working with low acid dairy products accompanied by various thermal treatments and packaging method (hot filled & aseptically packaged foods). Experience in management of Quality and Food Safety Systems has allowed practical and effective integration of new products to commercialisation, satisfying all stakeholder’s requirements. Mae has a Master of Project Management, Bachelor of Food Science and Technology (Honors), Retort Supervisor and Process Control School, Internal Quality Auditor and Logistics and cold supply chain management qualifications. Mae also has hands on experience in handling film, pouch and aseptically sealed bags. Ensuring packaging material & structure meets commercialised product requirements without compromising product quality, functionality and consumer expectations. Mae has done new product preparation through to Coordinate and perform pilot plant trials, overseeing pre-commercial trials through to production trials, shelf life and quality testing. Ensuring full integration into production and all deadlines are met.

Darren Schache

Darren Schache

Factory Foreman

Darren has 30 years running, owning and developing businesses. As a previous business owner, sold his company to a Multi-National Company.

Darren also has a passion for training and mentoring. Darren will work closely with his team to ensure quality products are produced.

Laura Fischer

New Product Development and Commercialisation Specialists

Laura has 20 years in the food industry commencing as a chef in numerous hotels. Laura then has worked as the Cuisine Specialist and New Product Development Technical Assistant at Australian Wholefood – Patties Foods for 8 years. Laura has the ability to develop, evaluate new concepts and integrate products from concept to commercialisation. Laura has experience with ready meals, meal components and sauces. Laura has the ability to liase with key stakeholders across the business to facilitate new product and processes. Laura has demonstarted project management, continuous improvement and cost of stakeholders deliverables as well as technical nutritional diet and claim related formulations. laura has experience in managing factory trails including planning, execution, evaluation and reporting. Laura will also conduct product evaluation, sensory analysis and shelf life assessment. Generate food labelling mandatory information in compliance with FSANZ code and related co-manufacturing requirements. Laura will liase with suppliers and procurment team assessing new and alternate materials. Laura has the ability to establish optimal set points, batch size paprameters and efficient operation cook/ process cycles. Laura will maintain recipe product data and research market insights, trends and processing solutions.